George Weigel on organ-harvesting in China :

The brutalities of the Chinese regime have also had a toxic effect on China’s public moral culture, as was demonstrated last year in a widely-viewed YouTube video: a truck driver in a Chinese city ran over a small child who was crawling across the street, stopped—and then ran over the child again, as if the toddler were so much road-kill.

Then there is government-run Chinese medicine, which has become a lethal enterprise.

Also today, Rob Agnelli on avoiding adjectives :

We have lost both the desire and the ability to engage in arguments in the public square out of fear of being called bigots. Whether it is the debate surrounding gay “marriage,” “women’s health,” or another issue, discrimination is viewed as the great social sin of the twenty-first century. While the accusation may spell the death of argument, one can revive the debate by challenging the contention that all forms of discrimination are morally wrong. In order to do this we must first understand the roots of this erroneous claim.