Wesley J. Smith on the Obama administration’s attempt to strip entrepreneurs of religious liberty :

But a closer look at the government’s brief shows that it isn’t the act of incorporating that supposedly strips business owners of religious liberties in the marketplace, but simply  seeking profit . “By definition,  a secular employer  does not engage in any ‘exercise of religion,’” the brief states boldly. Any burden on religion arises out of the “choice to enter into commercial activity.” In other words, business is a religion free zone. Once we enter the stream of commerce—even, it would seem, as a sole proprietor—we leave our religious liberties on the dock.

Also today, Ansel Oommen on keeping the khachkars :
The cross is the most familiar symbol of Christianity worldwide, but nowhere is this iconography as crucial or entrenched in the culture as it is in Armenia. Thousands of  khachkars , or cross-stones, dot the mountains of the world’s oldest Christian nation, revealing both the art of spiritual expression and its modern desecration.