A statement of the Pennsylvania Catholic Bishops on the 2012 elections :

We, the bishops of Pennsylvania, see next Tuesday (November 6), Election Day, as a day of historical challenge for our time. We propose this statement now because the upcoming elections, at every level, offer a critical opportunity for Catholics—i.e., all of us who are believers: clergy, religious, and lay alike—to exercise our civic duty and fulfill our social responsibility in a way that becomes us as aspiring saints.

Also today, Leroy Huizenga the Christian conscience and the common good :

David D. Kagan, the Bishop of Bismarck and thus my bishop, had a letter on conscience and citizenship read at masses throughout North Dakota last weekend. Well-written, informed, and informative, it was supposed to be under embargo until then, but, being delivered to parishes ahead of time, it was leaked to a North Dakota State Senator who perceived in it subtle politicking. The Senator broke the embargo and published the leaked letter on the Internet in the context of his own vigorous response as a pre-emptive strike.