Well, I’m sticking with my position that I wouldn’t leave town to see it. But I didn’t have to leave my house. It’s already “on demand.” I was rooting for it to be . . . . Continue Reading »

Moving On

Watching television late last night, I learned to my surprise that Anthony Weiner had pulled into a slight lead in the polls in the race for the Democratic nomination for mayor of New York City. One . . . . Continue Reading »

The Other Shoe

Why, one may wonder, did the  Windsor minority justices not see that certiorari  was granted in one of the other marriage cases they were asked to hear?  Sevcik v. Sandoval  in . . . . Continue Reading »

Dread of June 30th

Excellent analysis by Steve Negus of Morsi’s Year over at The Arabist. I briefly met Negus when teaching at Skidmore. Behind his calm objective tone, however, the real possibility of a . . . . Continue Reading »