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Enough Talk About Entrepreneurs

From First Thoughts

In the documentary “Mitt,” Romney talks about a business owner who was complaining about his tax burden. The business owner didn’t just pay income taxes. There were also the payroll taxes and gas taxes. Fair enough, but what about Romney’s infamous 47 percent comment in . . . . Continue Reading »

Forgetting Middle America

From Web Exclusives

Speaking at a party retreat, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor told his colleagues that the party had spent too much time talking about the concerns of business owners and entrepreneurs and not enough about the concerns of that majority who were not (and in many cases did not want to be) business . . . . Continue Reading »

Can There Be Ted Cruz Democrats?

From First Thoughts

Over on twitter, Sean Trende points out that since 2000, in forty-nine competitive Senate races, the Republican Senate candidate has run ahead of the Republican presidential candidate in only fourteen. The astute Dan McLaughlin wrote that this  was a “staggering indictment” of the . . . . Continue Reading »

From Contempt to Solidarity

From Web Exclusives

The period from 2009–2012 saw a bizarre change within the culture of the Republican party. Party elites found it a good idea to express resentment and contempt for workers who were just on the other side of the earnings median. Republicans paid the price of this contempt in 2012, and recent signs indicate that Republican politicians have learned their lesson. . . . Continue Reading »

Victory Disease

From First Thoughts

 One thing that struck me about presidential elections in the post-1984 era was that, of the candidates who have serious hopes of winning their party’s nomination, the Democrats tried to seem more moderate than they really were while the Republicans tried to seem more radical than they . . . . Continue Reading »

The National Review Diaspora

From First Thoughts

Two National Review reporters have taken prominent positions in right-leaning institutions. This is good news for the country.Over the last eight or so years, a group of conservative writers (Ross Douthat, Yuval Levin, Reihan Salam, Ramesh Ponnuru and many—-though not enough—-others) . . . . Continue Reading »