Russell E. Saltzman is a former Lutheran pastor, transitioning to the Roman Catholic Church.

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Death, Again

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Another intrusive death is rising in my life, and not just my own. He was a vigorous seventy-eight-year-old until last November. Then he experienced a fall, and another, and swiftly lost his motor . . . . Continue Reading »

Violet’s Life

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Sometimes in parish ministry there are encounters with parishioners that leave one simply gasping, frustrated beyond comprehension, and there is little in the pastoral toolkit to help either pastor . . . . Continue Reading »

Oh, Bury Me Not

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Though I was never one for cemeteries and am not in the habit of visiting the graves of family or friends, I will consent to tour the graves of those long gone, whose tombstones are abraded and . . . . Continue Reading »

My Adoption

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My oldest son has traveled back to Vietnam on three, four occasions now. He arrived at our home in 1975 as an eleven-year-old refugee. We, my first wife and I, adopted him five years later. He was . . . . Continue Reading »