The Real Presence of Christmas

It is not a matter of revving ourselves up to experience again the wonder of the Christ Mass. There is no point in trying to recapitulate Christmas as you knew it when you were, say, seven years old. That way lies sentimentalities unbounded.The alternative is the way of contemplation, of demanding . . . . Continue Reading »

Icons Will Save the World

Standing before the icon of Christ in the front of St. John Orthodox Church, I prepare to offer my confession at the Sacrament of Forgiveness. The Holy image of the One Who Forgives comes forth to meet me, as the father comes forth to welcome home the prodigal son in the familiar gospel passage . . . . Continue Reading »

Are Protestants Heretics?

My lucubrations for today’s webposting would like to argue just this one single point: Doctrinal clarity is lost when Catholics call Protestant heretics. To be sure, that habit of unthinkingly hurling accusations of heresy at Protestants pretty much died out after the Second Vatican Council, . . . . Continue Reading »

The Real First Citizen of Harlem

Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe are receiving the plaudits of critics for their bravura performances as Frank Lucas, glamorous Harlem gangster, and Richie Roberts, incorruptible New Jersey detective in the recently released American Gangster . Gangster is a hard movie to watch. Filled with . . . . Continue Reading »

TV Profile of Fr. Neuhaus

The Canadian Broadcasting Company aired this past Sunday a profile of our editor in chief, which, I must say, is quite balanced, even appreciative. Who’d of thunk it? Click here for the CBC’s website, and you should be able to access a video of the mini-documentary. (You may have to . . . . Continue Reading »

Our New Group Blog

. . . has been up and opining almost a week now¯as distinguished from our Daily Article , found on our homepage and the Daily Article archive page .So remember to click on the little green button on the left-hand side of the homepage for multiple daily blog posts from staff, friends, and usual . . . . Continue Reading »

The Warrior Class

Robert Kaplan has a fine essay over on the American Interest on the growing gap between the military and the civilian society. The military is increasingly a “warrior class” set apart. Kaplan is by no means the first to worry about this, but the intelligence of his worrying is refreshing. . . . . Continue Reading »