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i.m. Neil Armstrong

That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind
—Neil Armstrong, 1969

Software finds missing ‘a’ in Armstrong’s moon quote
—Associated Press, Oct. 2, 2006

Since Peter Ford has clarified the sound
once uttered on the moon but dropped in Houston,
here’s one small step: the missing “a” is found.

Our man Neil Armstrong voiced it on the ground—
the moon ground, by the dust he stuck his boots in.
Now this man Ford has clarified the sound

and shown we gave poor Neil the runaround,
implying his attention span got lost in
his “one small step.” The missing “a” has found

him quiet and reclusive. Did we hound
the institutions he had sunk his roots in?
Well, Peter Ford has said this one is sound:

the “a” was always there. Ford’s proofs abound.
He’s severed every branch a doubt could roost in,
all in one step: one missing “a,” now found.

And though some giant leaps have gone aground,
Apollo’s man has gained a little boost in
this Peter Ford, who’s clarified Neil’s sound
in one small stepwise mission: one “a,” found.

Claudia Gary