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You will see again through the prism’s rainbow
through the lighting sky in horizon’s turning
rising, rising, ravishing night departing,
    hiding from glory.

You will see the revelry, angels lighting,
bands of Seraphim in the deep blue cirrus
clouds, their gliding shimmering wings a whirring,
    shattering sound waves.

Do not be afraid for the Lord will come and
save you from the slanderous one and lift you,
lift you up on high in the blinking, perfect.
    Thunderous trumpet.

You will hear it uttering, come on up here.
Come and stay with me for the feast, for supper.
Feast on understanding and dine on wisdom.
    Messengers singing.

You will hear his gathering hosts dynamic—
hear his sword slash rancorous blood beneath his
feet and trample enemies, riding Judgment.
    Holiest Lord, come.

Take us to Jerusalem where your throne sits
over kingdoms buried beneath Gehenna’s
heaps—your throne is shining a thousand miles high.
    Shining for Yahweh.

Oh my Lord, restore us, restore our souls now.
Fill us with your manna again, let quails fall
at our feet remembering wind you sent us.
    We are the humbled.