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Evenings are when I like to talk to God.
I wait all day to watch till He goes by.
I wonder is it me and am I odd?
I see the sky and God is in the sky.

My garden is a special place for God.
I have my garden friend, a secret one.
We are as like as two peas in a pod
I see the sun and God is in the sun

I read a lot and what I read is God.
They are His words. He knows what they are worth,
The words that raise a person from a clod.
I see the earth and God is in the earth.

I am a person God but lately made.
The signs are on my elbows and my knees.
My friend has said these signs will never fade.
I see the trees and God is in the trees.

God carols like an angel from the bough.
Will no one tell me what He sings? He sings
How He is Everywhere and He is Now.
I see the wings and God is in the wings.

The wings are wrought to take me up to Heaven
With all the Saints new risen from the stones.
The number of the Sacred Books is seven.
I see the bones and God is in the bones.

God is the Lord and Saviour of my soul
That flies in darkness like a flittermouse.
God is my inspiration and my goal.
I see the house and God is in the house.

—John Whitworth