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Are Romeo and Juliet Childish?

From Web Exclusives

Alyssa Rosenberg argues on Slate that Romeo and Juliet “is full of terrible, deeply childish ideas about love.” She’s quite right … because that’s the point of the play. Reading the text, instead of assuming it represents the genre “perfect love that is tragically thwarted,” makes it clear that other characters and arguably Shakespeare himself see Romeo and Juliet’s love as gravely flawed… . Continue Reading »

The Myth of Government Neutrality

From Web Exclusives

Should a government in a pluralist society such as the United States be neutral with respect to religious and secular ideas about the good life? Or should it promote a certain vision? Most Americans, recognizing that a government-sponsored philosophy would conflict with many citizens’ cherished beliefs (and possibly violate the establishment clause), would say that the government should be neutral… . Continue Reading »

Makers vs. Takers

From Web Exclusives

In a secretly taped video that became public on Monday night, Mitt Romney tells a group of donors that 47 percent of Americans”those who pay no federal income taxes”“will vote for the president no matter what” because they are “dependent upon government” and “believe that they are victims.” … Continue Reading »