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Results May Vary

From the April 2024 Print Edition

When I was a teenager, it occurred to me that it would probably be virtuous to suicide bomb people who had just been to confession. After all, if you take the truths about eternal life seriously, the bomber would be launching the victims to heaven, and doing so in a maximally generous way, . . . . Continue Reading »

What Sex Really Is

From the June/July 2022 Print Edition

In her delightful essay “Harry Potter and the Reverse Voltaire,” the philosopher Mary Leng tries to understand why a colleague of hers has denounced J. K. Rowling. Although the colleague believes that “there are contexts in which [biological] sex matters politically,” she has condemned . . . . Continue Reading »

Inherited Merit

From the February 2020 Print Edition

The system hasn’t failed; it has succeeded too well. Patrick Deneen said this about liberalism. Now Daniel Markovits is saying it about meritocracy. Markovits, a professor of law at Yale, argues that a system that once promoted social mobility has created a self-perpetuating class of elites. His . . . . Continue Reading »

Aristotle on the Spectrum

From the March 2017 Print Edition

NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversityby steve silbermanavery, 560 pages, $19The alleged link between vaccination and autism has been thoroughly studied and debunked, but its appeal is understandable. The symptoms of autism typically begin to appear around the same age . . . . Continue Reading »