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Disabilities Treaty Coming Back?

From First Thoughts

MSNBC was positively crackling with outrage yesterday that the U.S. Senate rejected the U.N. treaty for persons with disabilities. John Kerry, the treaty’s Senate shepherd, said it was “the saddest day of his 28 years in the Senate.” He was flabbergasted that the Senate did not . . . . Continue Reading »

Dave Brubeck Dead at 91

From First Thoughts

The great American jazzman Dave Brubeck has died a day short of his ninety-second birthday. Many may not know that Brubeck was a Catholic convert who actually composed a Mass even before he became a Catholic. The Mass had been commissioned by Ed Murray, editor of Our Sunday Visitor . From PBS, here . . . . Continue Reading »

Tigerman Kills Himself

From First Thoughts

This poor man thought he was a tiger and did everything surgically he could to make it so. Dennis Avner has committed suicide. In the end he was likely frustrated that he could not really be a tiger, though advocates would say he died from tigerphobia. I mention this not to make light of a tragic . . . . Continue Reading »

A Human Right to Family Planning?

From First Thoughts

It is commonplace for new human rights to be bootstrapped by advocates and through dishonest reporting. Did you know there is a universal human right to family planning? This was announced last week by the head of the UN Population Fund. In this report , you can see the reporter lists half a dozen . . . . Continue Reading »

Conservative Ressourcement

From First Thoughts

Perhaps it is time for conservatives to reach back to the beginning of the modern conservative movement in order to regain their footing in the conservative movement of today. Social conservatism seems to have been reduced to a set of policies —- life and marriage with pornography somewhere . . . . Continue Reading »

E.U. Approves Tonio Borg

From First Thoughts

Through a combination of canniness and capitulation, Tonio Borg was approved last week as the new European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection. The final vote was 386-281 with 28 abstentions. As I noted in these pages , faithful Catholics feared that a coalition of atheists and leftists . . . . Continue Reading »

At EU, Faithful Christians Need Not Apply?

From Web Exclusives

Eight years ago the European Parliament denied towering Italian intellectual Rocco Buttiglione a position as European Commissioner for Justice because of his faithful Catholicism. Asked in a hearing if he agreed with the Catholic Church’s teaching that homosexual acts are sinful, he said yes, he agreed with the teaching, but this would not prevent him from faithfully carrying out the laws of the European Union related to everyone including homosexuals. This was too much for the sexual left firmly ensconced in the European institutions, and Buttiglione was voted down… . Continue Reading »