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The Latin American Pope and the Irish Poet

From Web Exclusives

A great variety of people are looking forward to reading and digesting Pope Francis’s new encyclical, Laudato Si, which the Vatican officially releases today. I am as interested in reading it as the next person, but maybe not immediately. That comment may understandably demand some defense, or at . . . . Continue Reading »

Sign of the Times, Holiday Concert

From First Thoughts

When our kids sang that Santa’s getting thin for Christmas, I instantly understood it mocked this lean and cautious age we live in. Unintentionally, that is, which is less than good. To shape their minds with our preoccupations becomes our comeuppance: we adults binge on common sense, while . . . . Continue Reading »

Suburban Noel

From First Thoughts

– after Geoffrey Hill Passing a new subdivision, late fall: already the arms race of tall spruce, elegant luminaria, as winner-take-all light displays tart up the days’ values. The nearby landfill will prove a windfall for three or more wise lords of revenue. . . . . Continue Reading »

After Prudentius

From the Aug/Sept 2011 Print Edition

Everything’s finishing. Soul, it is time to awake, shake from yourself the thin bindings belonging to folly. Fall on your knees and release now, for liberty’s sake, sin’s worse entanglements, cords of more durable gauge. Nothing you’re doing will matter eventually, all making no . . . . Continue Reading »

Tongued Fire

From the June/July 2011 Print Edition

Tender gift of lifting one’s hands, understanding there’s a force enforcing that promise sprung from a distant source, sweet resource of laughter and peace after storms lift and as swiftly bright wings singe us, singing. Dumbfounded, one’s bound to become one consumed. . . . . Continue Reading »