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The Threat

From the May 2016 Print Edition

Barabbas we can understand—a bit unhinged, but we have plannedfor that containable derangement,just as in the kind estrangementof Legion, as he styled himself,by the grave edge of a lakeside shelf.Aside from the price of swine, you see,that madman was dependably—well, mad. Our wars, our . . . . Continue Reading »


From the December 2010 Print Edition

Like this Auschwitz barbed-wire rosary” clipped with teeth and finger twisted, black-blood-stained, rain-encrusted, thorny, skin-pricking, motherly-misery- pregnant, passed from hand to bone-ripped ashen hand, brand of traitors to the empire, fire in chokehold chambers sparking visions of . . . . Continue Reading »