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Tiny, Happy People

From Web Exclusives

Just when you think you have heard it all, someone pushes the envelope. According to three ethicists writing in the journal Ethics, Policy and the Environment, because geoengineering might be too risky a way to combat global climate change, we should alter the human species instead. Here is the argument offered by Matthew Liao, Anders Sandberg, and Rebecca Roache. Climate change is the result of human corruption of the environment”so-called anthropogenic causes… . Continue Reading »

Patenting Life: No

From the May 1996 Print Edition

You do not have to be a religious zealot or a scientific Luddite to oppose the patenting of animal and human organisms and genes. In fact, as John Fletcher, ethicist at the University of Virginia, has said, “You don’t have to be religious to realize that there ought to be a debate about . . . . Continue Reading »