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Super 8 Great, Powerline Wrong

From First Thoughts

One of the guys at the indispensable Powerline, following the lead of Big Hollywood, is saying that the new film Super 8 fits the anti-military pattern we’ve been seeing for years with liberal Hollywood. Well, I saw it at a drive-in, and it was an E-ticket all the way. Very fun, and a . . . . Continue Reading »

The Publishing Event of the Summer

From First Thoughts

TWO collections of Wilson Carey McWilliams essays!  Patrick Deneen introduces them  here .  One is more America-oriented, the other more general.  Wendell Berry is the muse, model, and poet of Porcherism, but McWilliams is its real political philosopher.  Or deserves . . . . Continue Reading »

Chantal Delsol, Babel, and Pentecost

From First Thoughts

I concluded the Songbook #6 essay by quoting Chantal Delsol in partial defense of, or rather, in sympathetic re-conceptualization of, the idealistic anti-war impulse. Delsol is a philosophic, essayistic, “anthropological,” Tocquevillian, and Catholic analyst of our present “late . . . . Continue Reading »