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The Past in Full

From the March 2019 Print Edition

There’s a book I keep in the bathroom at home, a big blue volume of 750 pages titled, somewhat ironically, The Little, Brown Book of Anecdotes. A terrific book to browse in, with more than four thousand brief anecdotes about more than two thousand individuals from ancient times to the near . . . . Continue Reading »

Muslims in the Melting Pot

From the April 2016 Print Edition

Several related questions underpin much of the discussion about the growing presence of Muslim immigrants and their children in the United States. Will these immigrants and their children become loyal Americans? Will they instead emerge as a permanently disloyal opposition and a potential source of . . . . Continue Reading »

Faith-Based Resistance

From the December 2015 Print Edition

Last June, I was in Ukraine advising civil society groups that are seeking to ensure that the new Ukrainian education law promotes religious and educational freedom, including the rights of parents. Ukrainian policy-makers are eager to align their country with the West, so a number of times I . . . . Continue Reading »

The Learning of Liberty

From the June/July 1994 Print Edition

Independence won, George Washington faced a near-mutiny of his officers, unwilling to return to civilian life until their arrears of salary had been paid. Washington appeared unexpectedly at a meeting of the officers and gave an impassioned appeal to reason and moderation, to the men’s duty, . . . . Continue Reading »

War in the Classroom

From the January 1994 Print Edition

Battleground: One Mother's Crusade, The Religious Right, and the Struggle for Control of our Classrooms  by stephen bates  poseidon press, 365 pages, $24 The 1983 protest by a group of parents in Hawkins County, Tennessee, against certain stories and themes in the public school reading . . . . Continue Reading »

Educating for Freedom?

From the April 1993 Print Edition

An Aristocracy of Everyone: The Politics of Education and The Future of America by Benjamin R. Barber Ballantine Books, 370 pages, $20 “In the spring of 1988,” writes Benjamin Barber, a professor of political science at Rutgers, “[University] President Edward Bloustein gave a . . . . Continue Reading »

The Blackboard Bungle

From the June/July 1992 Print Edition

Ed School Follies: The Miseducation Of America’s Teachers by Rita Kramer Free Press, 228 pages, $22.95 In her lively new study based upon fourteen schools of education across the country, Rita Kramer skewers two quite distinct forms of folly. One form of folly is the attempt by a few of the . . . . Continue Reading »