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From the January 2023 Print Edition

You could, for mental exercise, do worseThan work the puzzle of a universeThat kindly took the trouble to exist:Of mysteries, it’s said, the mightiest. Which isn’t to suggest you aren’t oneThis mystery can be borne in uponBy hints that speak as little to the mindAs whispers from a field in a . . . . Continue Reading »

Christ Crowned with Thorns

From the April 2020 Print Edition

To really hear what I’m about to sayIs probably impossible apartFrom taking in the painting at its heart.From reeling, in the process, at the wayThe blood, beyond its trickling down his brow,Has gotten in his vitreum somehow. How otherwise explain the ruinousRed of his eyes? If that isn’t the . . . . Continue Reading »

In a Church in Venice

From the May 2010 Print Edition

Its marble floor includes a graven granite slab: Monteverdi’s. I mention this not to tell you he’s gone” already old news when Bach was still a gleam in the eye of God” but to tell you whose stone roses are scattered on: as though the loss were fresh as yesterday. . . . . Continue Reading »