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“Saving” the Poor

From the May 1999 Print Edition

The poor will always be with us. Yet, pace Cain, we have an obligation to look after our brothers. As we well know, poverty today is too often accompanied by social pathologies, deep corrupting vices, and a smoldering despair that Great Society welfare services do little to alleviate, and perhaps . . . . Continue Reading »

Eroticism Unbound

From the February 1999 Print Edition

Take out your keys and look at your key chain. Are you thinking about sex now? I ask this question because of something I read on a recent trip up to Yale. To explain the dangers of smoking, the University had put on a “Healthy Lung Fair” where students were shown pictures of diseased . . . . Continue Reading »

Questioning Everything?

From the November 1998 Print Edition

Ever since Galileo, the received wisdom has held that an “expert” is somebody who “thinks scientifically,” as can be seen in the drive to label every discipline a “science.” Many scientists, ignoring the last thirty years of philosophical work showing the limitations of the scientific . . . . Continue Reading »