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David Mills is former executive editor of First Things.

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A Common Catholic Voice

From First Thoughts

In the English Catholic weekly The Tablet , a useful review of the collected texts and documents of the International Theological Commission from 1969 to 2007, which the magazine titles Must for a Modern Theologian . The reviewer describes the Commission’s work this way: In his introduction . . . . Continue Reading »

Simply and Completely Wrong

From First Thoughts

“This execution was so  unnecessary , and because it was unnecessary, it was simply and completely wrong,” writes Joseph Bottum in today’s “On the Square” essay, They Did It . He is writing of the execution in the middle of the night of Ronnie Lee Gardner. Calling . . . . Continue Reading »

Fabricated Yoga

From First Thoughts

Our eldest works for a  group that encourages schools, hospitals, and businesses to buy from local farmers and also volunteers for African aid groups (one, similar to a micro-loan program, gives goats to villagers). The first, she says, is easier to sell people because it promises to help them . . . . Continue Reading »

Too Long a Road

From First Thoughts

Something a parent thinks about: Long Road to Adulthood Is Growing Even Longer : People between 20 and 34 are taking longer to finish their educations, establish themselves in careers, marry, have children and become financially independent . . . .  Marriage and parenthood — once seen as . . . . Continue Reading »

The Fire Needs Wood

From First Thoughts

In The Neglected Fireplace: Protestantism and the Arts , today’s “On the Square” article, Matthew Milliner argues that “Protestant churches have come to a new level of liturgical maturity, understanding the necessity for restraint, humility, and historical precedent . . . . Continue Reading »

Persecution News: The Copts

From First Thoughts

According to the  Assyrian International News Agency , quoted in a Pajamas Media story Unprecedented: Egyptian Government Suppresses Christian Doctrine by Raymond Ibrahim: The head of the Coptic Church in Egypt has rejected a court ruling that orders the church to allow divorced Copts to . . . . Continue Reading »

Carter on Kinkade

From First Thoughts

Our web editor Joe Carter has suggested in today’s “On the Square” that there are some problems with the hugely popular painter Thomas Kinkade’s painting. He writes, in Thomas Kinkade’s Cottage Fantasy , that the painting is sentimental, which will not surprise you, but . . . . Continue Reading »