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David P. Goldman is a senior editor of First Things.

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Dan Brown’s ecclesiastical pornography

From First Thoughts

The more faith, the more doubt: Dan Brown’s imbecilic scenarios exist precisely because the Catholic Church has become the dominant Christian denomination in the United States, displacing the mainline Protestants. Think of it as religious pornography. Anyone who believes in supernatural . . . . Continue Reading »

South Bend and the West Bank

From First Thoughts

Wo es sich christelt, da judelt es sich auch, quipped Heinrich Heine. It translates roughly: where Christians do something, so do the Jews, but with onomatopoeiac allusions to tinkling bells and doodling bagpipes. Events this week proved Heine’s dictum twice over. The clever, worldly and . . . . Continue Reading »

Demographics & Depression

From the May 2009 Print Edition

Three generations of economists immersed themselves in study of the Great Depression, determined to prevent a recurrence of the awful events of the 1930s. And as our current financial crisis began to unfold in 2008, policymakers did everything that those economists prescribed. Following John . . . . Continue Reading »

Torture: on a personal note

From First Thoughts

Well, almost personal. I never tortured anyone except some unfortunate members of a concert audience who had to hear me play the piano on an off-night. But my family did. Apropos of my First Things essay this morning on torture, it seems worth mentioning a not-so-hypothetical case.Two of my . . . . Continue Reading »

Banana republic law and zombie economics

From First Thoughts

Over at Asia Times I have been maintaing a financial blog called Inner Workings. Most of the material is technical, but I posted a Jeremiad today about the end of the rule of law in American business that is generally relevant.Don’t zombies come from places where they grow bananas?Over a year . . . . Continue Reading »