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Form Over Matter

From the February 1996 Print Edition

Early in November 1995, the administrative board of the United States Catholic Conference issued the latest version of its quadrennial statement on politics and religion, this one entitled: “Political Responsibility: Proclaiming the Gospel of Life, Protecting the Least among Us, and Pursuing . . . . Continue Reading »

The Accent of Choice

From the May 1995 Print Edition

As a lifelong Democrat and erstwhile liberal, I’m sorry to have to admit this-but I’m afraid a lot of Democrats and liberals have not been exactly gracious about their defeat in last November’s congressional elections. I grant that Newt Gingrich, who gives no quarter to either liberals or . . . . Continue Reading »

For Luddite Humanism

From the April 1994 Print Edition

Now that researchers at George Washington University Medical Center have split human embryos, thereby producing genetically identical twin embryos, cloning human beings is on the table for national debate. Reactions to the event at George Washington have been varied. Some people (the Vatican, . . . . Continue Reading »