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Stubborn Hope

From First Thoughts

The worst sinner in Christian history was Judas Iscariot. Of course he betrayed Christ and handed him over to his death. That was bad. But far worse was his internal conviction that things couldn’t get any better, that he and his situation were irredeemable.This is a great analogy for our own . . . . Continue Reading »

Illegal, Unsafe, and All Too Common

From First Thoughts

An old slogan has made a comeback. While speaking about the newly-released Planned Parenthood videos, a presidential candidate has walked back from a recent defense of their practices to say something you don’t hear much anymore from the pro-choice crowd: “I have said for more than 22 years that . . . . Continue Reading »

Don't Pray?

From First Thoughts

Another heartbreaking mass shooting happened late Thursday evening, in Lafayette, Louisiana. As of now it appears two victims have died, and another nine are injured. The gunman also killed himself.Numerous calls for prayer have been issued, including from the governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal. . . . . Continue Reading »

Polygamy's Coming. (Yawn)

From First Thoughts

Clickbait titles are rampant on the Internet, but I was still surprised to see William Baude’s article “Is Polygamy Next?” in the morning print edition of the New York Times.The thrust of his argument is that marriage and child rearing is an experiment which has been suppressed throughout . . . . Continue Reading »

“Must be the Recession”

From First Thoughts

One thing that I’ve heard from several people when I mention the surge in Dominican vocations (and the surge of many dioceses and orders male and female) is “Oh, it must be the recession.” Truly, I have not met one religious who set aside marital joys, self-determination, and wealth . . . . Continue Reading »

Not Just Another Culture War Story

From Web Exclusives

The recent exposure of the trafficking in body parts removed from aborted fetal children has opened many eyes to the inhuman practices of Planned Parenthood. It shows the callousness of the abortion industry and the heart-rending nature in which many women are subject not only to a difficult . . . . Continue Reading »