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Ruby Throat

From the May 2020 Print Edition

A hummingbird’s wings might beat a thousandstrokes a minute. The birds can swerve, hover,fly backwards and straight up, their hearts beatingfaster than other birds’ hearts. Their nests are walnut-sized, a child’s tea cupof a nest, a lichen-coated thimblelined with plant matter, barely . . . . Continue Reading »

Breakfield Road

From the January 2020 Print Edition

(for Jake, 1989-2005) The briar draws a perfect bead of bloodto tender flesh as my dog pulls his headfrom tangled vines and brittle winter thorns.He shakes and wags but otherwise remainsunfazed by such intrusions. He is quickto note the next small heap of leaves, to checkthe air, the ground, . . . . Continue Reading »