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Someone Ought to Try This in New York

From First Thoughts

Our old friend Ben Hecht has agreed to appear before a literary society in a debate with his friend Maxwell Bodenheim: When the evening arrived, Hecht walked to the foot of the stage and announced that the topic of debate would be—“Resolved: That people who attend literary debates are . . . . Continue Reading »

Goats Are Not Property

From First Thoughts

A story of old Irish hero Daniel O’Connell, quoted in Sean O’Faolain’s biography : I remember I was once counsel before Judge Day for a man who had stolen some goats. The fact was proved; whereupon I produced to old Day an old Act of Parliament, empowering the owners of . . . . Continue Reading »

Now That’s a Lawyer

From First Thoughts

From F.E.: The Life of F.E. Smith, the First Earl of Birkenhead . Our hero is defending a tram company being sued by the family of a boy injured on the tracks: It was alleged that this boy could no longer work and was unable to raise his arm above the level of his shoulder. Smith was sympathetic . . . . Continue Reading »