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Wall Street Journal: Man v. God

From First Thoughts

So, the WSJ has a major debate feature on the role of religion in society in its Weekend Journal.  For the atheists, we have Richard Dawkins.  No big surprise there.  For the theists we have . . . Alister McGrath?  No. Rick Warren?  No. Francis Beckwith?  No. J.P. . . . . Continue Reading »

Thoughts from a Disney Cruise

From First Thoughts

My children, Andrew and Grace, are now ages 7 and 4.  According to my wife, they have been prime candidates for a trip to Disney World for some time now.  I have held back because I tend not to be enthusiastic about vacations for reasons other than visiting family (because that’s . . . . Continue Reading »

The Slow Death of Political Television

From First Thoughts

After a dear colleague died at age fifty-eight, my wife forced me to join the gym so that I might avoid a similar fate for her and our small children.  I have enjoyed the experience immensely except for one thing. The treadmills I like to use, the ones under the big fan, face directly into the . . . . Continue Reading »