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One Brother Suffers

From the February 2016 Print Edition

(for my sons)One brother suffers, and another brother—and then a third—is standing by his side.This is the surest sign to any motherby which her sons can be identified.Not eyes of blue that make a sibling’s match;nor cow-licked hair that sports the same brown curl;not that they all watch films . . . . Continue Reading »


From the February 2013 Print Edition

Believing in the Eucharist, My faith affirmed within the Host, I welcome”with an upturned wrist, Believing in the Eucharist” These elements, to take amidst The Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Believing in the Eucharist, My faith affirmed within the Host. . . . . Continue Reading »


From the April 2011 Print Edition

She’s not the special one you thought would need protection till the end. She feeds on quarrel when it’s fraught with rude clichés meant to offend. You have conceived and borne a whore who won’t defend you, on her bed. Eve’s fruit”sweet juice and rancid core” . . . . Continue Reading »