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What Marriage Is—And What It Isn’t

From First Thoughts

Before we can resolve the issue of what persons can be united in marriage, says says Princeton professor Robert George in the latest issue of First Things , we must first answer the question, “What are persons ?” The view typically (if often unconsciously) held by advocates of liberal . . . . Continue Reading »

Kindle Sparks Orwellian Rights Talk

From First Thoughts

Last Friday, a minor ruckus arose when Amazon Kindle owners found that unauthorized editions of George Orwell’s books had been automatically deleted from their e-book readers. Glenn Reynold’s has a short , but revealing post, on the controversy: So I like my Amazon Kindle, but this . . . . Continue Reading »

Communion on the Moon

From First Thoughts

Forty years ago today astronaut Buzz Aldrin made history by being the first man to take communion on the surface of the moon. Eric Metaxas relates the remarkable tale : The background to the story is that Aldrin was an elder at his Presbyterian Church in Texas during this period in his life, and . . . . Continue Reading »

The Unborn Have Memories

From First Thoughts

The Washington Times reports on a new study The unborn have memories, according to medical researchers who used sound and vibration stimulation, combined with sonography, to reveal that the human fetus displays short-term memory from at least 30 weeks gestation - or about two months before they are . . . . Continue Reading »

How to Read Girard

From First Thoughts

First Things is delighted to be able to share with our readers an original essay and an exclusive interview with René Girard, one the most intriguing and influential thinkers of modern times. Unfortunately, too many of our readers may not intially grasp the appeal of his work. As our editor . . . . Continue Reading »

Caritas in Veritate Roundup

From First Thoughts

The mainstream media has largely ignored the story, but First Things Online has been tracking the reactions and reflections of the Pope’s latest encyclical. Pope Benedict XVI’s encyclical “Caritas in Veritate” by Christopher Blosser Blosser’s post is a one-stop . . . . Continue Reading »