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When Pepper Spray is Excessive Force

From First Thoughts

By now you’ve probably seen the pictures or video of seated, non-violent protestors at U.C. Davis being doused with pepper spray . Having been subjected to pepper spray (and its nasty cousin, tear gas), I can empathize with the protestors. While I’m not particularly sympathetic to their . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links - 10.25.11

From First Thoughts

Abortion Case Loses Ground, but Issue Stays Hot in Kansas New York Times , A. G. Sulzberger Smoking marijuana not a religious practice, judge tells Church of the Universe member National Post , Douglas Quan I was too old when I had my baby, says IVF mum aged 61 Daily Mail , Tom Kelly The Gospel . . . . Continue Reading »

Don’t Give Up on Marriage, Ladies

From First Thoughts

Frustrations with men and the institution of marriage are real, says Jennifer Marshall , but shouldn’t obscure our hope in what God is doing. [Kate Bolick] is one of countless women who have struggled with the unexpected in-between of prolonged singleness. “If I stopped seeing my . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links - 11.23.11

From First Thoughts

Saving Africa National Review Online , Kathryn Jean Lopez Vatican pledges legal action against Benetton over doctored pope-kissing-imam ad CNN , Dan Gilgoff The urgent need for biblical literacy Baptist Press , Ed Stetzer Rome, Sweet Rome: Could a Single Marine Unit Destroy the Roman Empire? . . . . Continue Reading »

Get Ready for Group Marriage

From First Thoughts

Elizabeth Marquardt outlines the three avenues from which group marriage will come : the fringes of the left, from the darkest corners of the fundamentalist right, and from the laboratories of fertility clinics and hard scientists around the world. The debate about legal recognition of polyamorous . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links - 11.21.11

From First Thoughts

Loyalty’s Perverted Cousin, Conspiracy Evangel , Gene Fant Can America Overcome Race? Public Discourse , William Doino Jr. Catholic Church To Buy Famed Crystal Cathedral NPR , Barbara Bradley Hagerty Lincoln and the Mormons New York Times , Ted Widmer U.S. Lacks Notable Christian Leaders Barna . . . . Continue Reading »

A Tale of Two Abstinence Campaigns

From First Thoughts

In an interview with Christianity Today , Wheaton College professor Christine Gardner explains the differences in rhetorical approaches between evangelical abstinence organizations in America and abstinence campaigns in sub-Saharan Africa: You looked at how Africans view abstinence, saying they . . . . Continue Reading »