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Is there in Truth no Beauty?

From First Thoughts ought to be one of my favorite websites, but I rarely hit a link from my reader.Why?If I go there, I am assaulted by an aesthetic weapon of mass destruction.It is problem for a believer. Would a good God put Hugh Hewitt on a site with this design?“Yes,” we must say with . . . . Continue Reading »

Do we agree? Common Ground with Patrol?

From First Thoughts

Let me say that I think Patrol is an interesting site full of well written articles. I don’t ever want to dismiss people’s experiences or ideas because of their (relatively) young age just as I despise people who think they can explain me, because I am over forty.I also agree with Matt . . . . Continue Reading »

As a Romney Guy. . .

From First Thoughts

As I look toward 2012, I realize that as a Romney guy I often feel like the kind of person who would have a party for Windows 7 . . . my candidate is  very attractive, but safe as an Osmond.But then I realized that if I become an Obama guy, I would be one of those people who buy Apple . . . . Continue Reading »


From First Thoughts

When I was a kid, I used to root for people to pick the next year as the date of Christ’s return. Since I really wanted to get married, I did not want the Day of Doom to come too soon. Using my childish reasoning, I figured that since the Savior had said no man knew the day or hour of His . . . . Continue Reading »

Favre, the Bible, and Hero Worship

From First Thoughts

I have no icon of football hero Brett Favre, but if he continues to play well this year, somebody will be tempted to make one. Safe to say veneration heads his way each Sunday from millions over America.Brett Favre makes me feel better about being over forty. Of course at no time in my life did I . . . . Continue Reading »

Questions about Rand

From First Thoughts

Perhaps the weirdest thing on the right is tolerance for the bloviating novelist Ayn Rand. The philosophical problem with Ayn Rand is not so much her views, but that she does not argue for them. She asserts them, but when counterarguments are made there is no response. Her philosophy, such as it is, . . . . Continue Reading »