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Antifragile Faith

From the April 2024 Print Edition

On June 2, 1987, the National Enquirer published a photograph of Donna Rice sitting on the lap of Gary Hart. When, earlier that spring, rumors surfaced of an affair between the actress and the Democratic Senator, the backlash had been strong enough to end Hart’s promising campaign for . . . . Continue Reading »

An American Evangelist

From the May 2023 Print Edition

I first met Tim Keller in April 2011 at a national conference for The Gospel Coalition (TGC), the evangelical, renewal-minded organization Keller and Don Carson founded in 2005. About a month before the conference, Rob Bell released Love Wins, a provocative, universalist-leaning book . . . . Continue Reading »

The Case For Kids

From the November 2022 Print Edition

The most significant thing happening in the world may very well be a thing that is not happening: Men and women are not having children. The biblical logic has been reversed, and the barren womb has said “Enough!” (Prov. 30:16). The paradigmatic affliction of the Old Testament is now . . . . Continue Reading »

Why Are We So Offended All the Time?

From First Thoughts

Ok, so I rarely post over here. Sorry. But I figure the least I can do is cross-post once in awhile from my “real” blog. So here goes.*****Let me start with the caveats. Many people suffer at the hands of others. The world can be unfair, at times mercilessly so. Millions of people in the . . . . Continue Reading »

Justification: Here I Stand

From First Thoughts

A few weeks ago an editor from the Christian Science Monitor emailed to ask if I would consider writing an opinion piece on the doctrine of justification. This sounded unusual to say the least.   First of all, why was he asking me? (Because a friend of mine passed along my name I found . . . . Continue Reading »

What’s Wrong With Us?

From First Thoughts

If you’ve ever struggled to explain what went wrong with evangelicalism, or if you’ve ever been embarrassed to be around conservative, doctrinal Christians, here’s several popular villains to make sense of your angst.  Once you find a way to include all of them into your . . . . Continue Reading »

Defining Discourse Down

From Web Exclusives

No one has mistaken our day as an age of powerful, rational discourse. The McLaughlin Group doesn’t usually evoke memories of Lincoln-Douglas, and Twittering about your favorite bagel from Panera isn’t exactly correspondence on the level of John and Abigail Adams. But perhaps I’m being unfair. . . . . Continue Reading »