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Voting Conscience

From the June/July 2015 Print Edition

Law’s Virtues: Fostering Autonomy and Solidarity in American Society
 by cathleen kaveny
 georgetown, 304 pages, $29.95 Emerging from that end of the political spectrum grown rather short lately on argumentation (and long on dismissive invective), Cathleen Kaveny’s Law’s Virtues is . . . . Continue Reading »

Roger’s Versions

From the December 1991 Print Edition

The Philosopher on Dover Beach: Essays by Roger Scruton St. Martin’s Press, 350 pages, $24.95 Unusually for a philosopher trained in the Anglo-American “analytic” tradition, Roger Scruton has read and admired Hegel, Nietzsche, Husserl, and a host of other figures of the . . . . Continue Reading »