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Juliet on Facebook

From the June/July 2012 Print Edition

I saw his Facebook picture, met for chat, And then the two of us said that was that : Except the world can always change online. (I knew that already from his Rosaline.) I felt the Capulets and Montagues Were always asking the two of us to choose. And all we wanted was the sweet IM To jolt us in . . . . Continue Reading »

Stringed Instrument

From the May 2011 Print Edition

Don’t spend time stringing and tuning your instrument. Start making music now! Lucky Numbers 33, 2, 37, 48, 1, 26 So what if your strings break. How many strings Does someone need? Make smaller music then, And if your instrument is out of tune, Do not despair. Play melancholy songs. This . . . . Continue Reading »

On The Birds

From the May 2010 Print Edition

Is love like this? A trap, a whirring thing That hunts you down by beak, and flock, and wing, And makes you turn, with mesmerizing stare, To see it gathered in the folds of air? Perhaps not love. Perhaps what you will take For love, when it’s all else that you’ll forsake To have the . . . . Continue Reading »