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Alexius and Giles

From the June/July 1998 Print Edition

We beg you,mend the ways of pretend mendicants,imposters who pose pious and pitifulon our staked-out streets.Uncover the shades of the blindwho really see, the crippled who limpselectively in rich company.Competition is keen;let’s keep the neighborhood cleanof riff-raff and . . . . Continue Reading »


From the February 1998 Print Edition

No cutie-pie cupid wings fluttering rings about the heart or head, no fancy frilly two-way arrows, or rose-colored alphabets shaped into vows; just a pretty trick of history, an early-spring wish when birds twittered about each other, and Roman schoolboys, for love of Juno, drew girls’ names to . . . . Continue Reading »


From the March 1997 Print Edition

Maundy Thursday Daily dust over the jaggedstair steps of toes, between the crackedskin; heels bruised by heat,small toes stoned by cobblestone.The wrong one is kneeling,sprinkling water over the wounded,a stream of fingers cleaning disciples’ feetas boils and blisters burst with newcovenant balm . . . . Continue Reading »

Ash Wednesday

From the February 1996 Print Edition

Fingernails scrubbed clean as latrines in the army, this symbol of a man dirties his thumb with our skin, the powdery ash riding high on his pores, not sinking in before he sketches the gray of our dirt-birth across a brow we were born to furrow. Listen to the sound of forgiveness: the crossing of . . . . Continue Reading »

Holy Unction

From the February 1996 Print Edition

I "Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning, burning, burning," we belted out on the Baptist church bus bound for Camp Born Again, refueled forever we knew for the faith with the oil of the holy. Hallelujah! II Through the cracked, creaky bedroom door of Aunt Martha's farmhouse, we watched the . . . . Continue Reading »