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Contra Mundum

From the January 2017 Print Edition

The world unfurls its flag of toleration,issues its edicts of equality,and he who bears the sign of our salvationis banished as a public enemy.As Athanasius, when the world awoketo find itself ensconced in heresy,so we whose world must wear a harsher yokeare called to Athanasian constancy.We, too, . . . . Continue Reading »


From the March 2015 Print Edition

I love to see the leaves arrive,the new green spangling the blue,when branches, struggling alive,remake my window’s skyward view;or, looking down, to see the soilpierced by the grassy vanguard’s bladesand know that germination’s toilwill end in flowered accolades.And when I hear the shackled . . . . Continue Reading »


From the January 2011 Print Edition

Consider the fierce stone features of its face a vaccination of demonic strain, a backfire lit on purpose to contain hell’s wildfire outside this glade of grace. For if the tale is true, it’s put in place to scare the scarer”a sort of devil’s bane that guards the Lord . . . . Continue Reading »