War Without End

From the February 2013 Print Edition

Paul Miller’s essay is a plea for Americans to persevere in a military undertaking in Afghanistan that began in 2001. I might be moved by an argument that appealed to our national honor. Many people in that country have risked much, personally, to cooperate with the American project; to abandon . . . . Continue Reading »


From the February 1994 Print Edition

The Anatomy of Antiliberalism by Stephen Holmes Harvard University Press, 330 pages, $29.95 As the 1990s bring us the recrudescence of many unfulfilled progressive enthusiasms from the 1970s, we may begin to understand that the intervening Reagan decade was indeed an exceptional period of American . . . . Continue Reading »

The Problem of Power

From the June/July 1993 Print Edition

The Nature of Politics: Selected Essays of Bertrand de Jouvenel edited by Dennis Hale and Marc Landy Transaction, 306 pages, $21.95 The only thing deader than dead politics must surely be dead political science. It is thus remarkable to find that after several decades, these essays by Bertrand de . . . . Continue Reading »