Religious Rights

From the January 2016 Print Edition

Christian Human Rights by samuel moyn university of pennsylvania, 264 pages, $24.95 Samuel Moyn, a professor of law and history at Harvard University, makes a provocative claim: Human rights, the foundational principle of global, secular progressivism, originated as the project of Christian . . . . Continue Reading »

Announcing the Tradition Project

From First Thoughts

Here is an item about a new research project that will interest many First Things readers. As reported in this story, the Center for Law and Religion at St. John’s University School of Law has received a major grant from the Bradley Foundation to launch the Tradition Project, a new, . . . . Continue Reading »

Some Persecuted Minorities Are Funny

From First Thoughts

Take a look at this clip from a recent episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. In the clip, Colbert mocks Republican presidential candidates who argue for admitting Syrian Christians as religious refugees. At least I think that’s what he’s doing. Unfortunately, in attacking the GOP, . . . . Continue Reading »

Yoga at the University

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Earlier this month, controversy broke out when a Canadian university canceled a beginners’ yoga class it had offered for years. The reason for the class cancellation at the University of Ottawa is a bit murky, but a student government representative evidently told the instructor that the class . . . . Continue Reading »

Slighting Syria's Christians

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Take a look at the photo below, which appeared recently on Instagram. It’s the photo of a page from the New Testament — Acts 25, which recounts St. Paul’s trial before Festus. The page, seared into a bookshelf, is all that remains of the Bible that once contained it. ISIS recently burned . . . . Continue Reading »

Conference on Dignitatis Humanae

From First Thoughts

For those who are interested, the Notre Dame Law Review is hosting a symposium later this week on the 50th anniversary of Dignitatis Humanae, Vatican II's declaration on religious liberty:The Symposium will begin with an address from Bishop Daniel E. Flores on Thursday, November 5. Bishop Flores . . . . Continue Reading »