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The Green Stick

From the March 1992 Print Edition

“I used to believe that there was a green stick,buried on the edge of a ravine . . . on whichwords were carved that would destroy all theevil in the hearts of men and bring themeverything good.” ” Leo Tolstoy When he was old, pate bald, skin sere.Back humbled as the . . . . Continue Reading »

The Body Has a Clarity

From the February 1992 Print Edition

The body has a clarityBetween high and low hierarchies tenebras et luces .He would be undoneWho for too long scornsEither throng to court the other.Vengeance is mine clamorsEach. Angel bright ofIntellection, her glitteringSword sends straight toHeaven. Angel dark ofPalpitation, her furiousPockets . . . . Continue Reading »