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Melchior’s Wife

From the January 2019 Print Edition

In truth, I was not born to royalty;My power came from pleasure and my smile.I used my supple body to beguileA bookish, awkward prince who spoiled meAnd I became “Great Lady.” Other wivesAnd concubines he kept convenientlyCould never breach the deep affinityBetween us, or the love that bound our . . . . Continue Reading »


From the December 2018 Print Edition

I need tidings of comfort and of joy;Please play me “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing.”I don’t like “Silent Night”; it’s like a dirge;“Sleep in Heavenly Peace”? Eternal rest.The Christmas carols that I like the bestAre those that have a child’s happy urgeTo raise the voice and spirit . . . . Continue Reading »


From the April 2018 Print Edition

I planted snowdrops forty years agoWhen I was fourteen; early March they driftAcross the garden, poking through the snow.I see them springing, and my spirits lift.I see them blooming sheltered by the hedge;Some come up in the middle of the grass.They linger by the fieldstones and allegeThat Easter . . . . Continue Reading »

Ember Days

From the November 2017 Print Edition

September 1:  Though acorns start to fall,And equinox is still three weeks away,We lose the evanescent light of day;Despite bright mornings, night begins its sprawl.October 1: The pumpkins are for sale;Chrysanthemums grow gold or tawny rust.Towards Halloween the warm days start to fail;The . . . . Continue Reading »


From the November 2017 Print Edition

I wonder who taught Salome to dance,To wave her arms, to drop her final veil.For all her grace, she somehow disenchants. She’s sinuous and snakelike; no romanceRuns through her lithe limbs; blood red stains each nail.I wonder who taught Salome to dance. We noble ladies glance at her askanceWhile . . . . Continue Reading »


From the May 2017 Print Edition

The Lord God, the Almighty, simply said,“Do not eat any fruit from this tree. ItMay taste delicious, but its aftertasteWill make you realize that you ate in haste,And you will wish that you had never bitInto its luscious poison. Use your head.”When Eve and Adam gamboled naked inTheir garden, . . . . Continue Reading »


From the April 2017 Print Edition

I must believe that You rose from the deadFor if You didn’t, then what hope is thereTo raise me from the gutter of despairOut of the sod from which we all were bred?Made in Your image, when we forfeitedOur innocence in Eden for a shareOf knowledge, we were suddenly awareThat we were naked, doomed . . . . Continue Reading »

Queen of the May

From the May 2016 Print Edition

My Lady, Queen of Heaven, Queen of Earth,I weave for you a crown of white muguet.Delightful, fragrant, quiet bells of mirthI twine for Mary garlanded in May.Madonna, Fairest Flower of the Field,Of all God’s glories born from basest clay,A Lily of the Valley, Love revealed,I weave for you a rapture . . . . Continue Reading »

Autumn Triduum

From the November 2015 Print Edition

On Halloween we shouted “Trick or Treat” And held out plastic pumpkins for our loot. We’d say our thank-you’s nicely and we’d scoot To neighbors’ houses farther down the street. November 1 we would be off from school; We’d sit in heavy sweaters hearing Mass For all the saintly dead who . . . . Continue Reading »