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Experimental Design

From the June/July 2016 Print Edition

This tangle of Drosophila, these flies low-orbiting your wineglass and my peachniggle a question: whether meaning liesonly in multitudes. Is all, not each,what matters? The arcana of creationbloom from the totting up of tiny specksfrom generation unto generationof brief lives and uncomplicated . . . . Continue Reading »


From the June/July 2015 Print Edition

From the dank deeps    under dampened compost, to my amazement,    there now emerges almost unspoiled    a metal spoon— stainless steel,    from the ancient stash of our wedding booty.    Wondering how it came there, I mull,    and . . . . Continue Reading »

Pelicans at Nags Head

From the April 2015 Print Edition

Bumbling, ungainly, sag-chinned, laughable: on land, the pelicans concede their natures. Hugging the sand, one tries to hide his features, long neck scrunched into shoulders, abashed bill well down. Airborne, they’re different: choreographed. Baroque danseurs, their slow-beat wing pavane impends . . . . Continue Reading »

Les Regrets, Sonnet 38

From the May 2011 Print Edition

Lucky: the man who measures out his days among his equals—simple, honest, free, not gripped by cramping fears or jealousies, ruling a farmstead kingdom peaceably. The miseries of grasping for a place do not obsess him. His feelings are unbound, yet his desire, placid and passionless, stops at . . . . Continue Reading »

Prophesying to the Breath

From the May 2008 Print Edition

I’m tired of it, this labored breathing. Tired of phlegm and coughing and the fight for air, bent double on the landing of a stair, in wheezing gasps where nothing is inspired. Tired of the silence next to me in bed when measured snoring suddenly goes still; of counting a nervous one, two, three . . . . Continue Reading »