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The Biblical Case Against IVF

From the March 2021 Print Edition

Vulnerable human beings in the earliest stages of life are especially at risk these days. Increasingly, on both sides of the Atlantic, we chemically induce abortions in the comfort of our own homes, so that the process of terminating an embryo’s life is socially invisible. The fertility-industrial . . . . Continue Reading »

Caitlin Flanagan and the Disenchantment of Sex

From Web Exclusives

In her latest article for The Atlantic, Caitlin Flanagan develops her ongoing theme of examining contemporary sexual life by reading Karen Owens’ infamous (non-academic) thesis on her sexual conquests of several Duke athletes. “Hell hath no fury,” William Congreve once told us, and Flanagan’s hypothesis is that Owens’ “relentless descriptions of the anatomical shortcomings of various partners” is the latest bit of evidence that he was right. … Continue Reading »

Your Doctrine of Creation is Too Small

From First Thoughts

A few weeks ago, Hunter asked why evangelicals seem obsessed with the proper interpretation of Genesis when, ahem, we are evangelicals.  Which means we’re centered on the gospel, the good news about the historical reality of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.It’s a fair . . . . Continue Reading »