Coincidence? (Part 2)

From First Thoughts

[caption id=”attachment_60786” align=”alignnone” width=”510”] Patriarch Athenagoras & Pope Paul VI (1965) / Patriarch Bartholomew & Pope Francis (2013)[/caption] As if Part 1 wasn’t impressive enough. . . . . Continue Reading »

Release the Doves!

From First Thoughts

“I was glad to have hit the first home run in this park. God only knows who will hit the last,” said Babe Ruth of the old Yankee stadium.  Technically that was José Molina, but I like to think it was Benedict XVI.  While we’re all swapping tales, I saw him in that . . . . Continue Reading »

Evangelicals and Orthodox Together

From First Thoughts

While we’re making parallels between evangelicals and Catholics , why not do the same for evangelical and Orthodox thought (as represented in First Things )? Here is David Hart on the God helmet (which only subscribers will have had the pleasure of reading). Now, in fact, there really would . . . . Continue Reading »

Eucharistic Architecture

From First Thoughts

Many know that when his native France fell to the Nazis, Catholic philosopher and art theorist Jacques Maritain moved to Princeton.  What is less known is the impact he had there.  Conversations with Maritain seem to have re-invigorated the dormant faith of the unjustly neglected . . . . Continue Reading »

The Late Middle Ages Rightly Blamed

From First Thoughts

The current First Things unfurls Ephraim Radner’s hard-hitting critique of Brad Gregory’s The Unintended Reformation , titled The Reformation Wrongly Blamed (subscription required).  A different Protestant response to Gregory’s book comes by way of the evangelical historian . . . . Continue Reading »

Occupy Pulitzer?

From First Thoughts

The Pulitzer granted to Stephen Greenblatt’s The Swerve caused me to revisit R.R. Reno’s prescient First Things review , which suggests the book offers “a justifying mythology for America’s ruling elite.” The Swerve [blusters] again and again about the beauty-loathing, . . . . Continue Reading »

Converting the Canvas

From the February 2012 Print Edition

Earthly Visions: Theology and the Challenges of Art ? by Timothy Gorringe Yale University Press, 254 pages, $45 With religion’s expiration, the great artworks of the past had to be rescued”if only for the ecstatic feelings they might still evoke. Bloomsbury bohemian Clive Bell put it . . . . Continue Reading »