The Imperial Catholics

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More and more often on Catholic campuses, left-wing Catholics are hiding their own ideological preferences behind the mantra "Catholic social thought." To listen to them, you would think that the Catholic social ethic has four main emphatic tenets and five great silences. The four emphases . . . . Continue Reading »

Harvey Cox’s Secular City

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In the next few days (March 19), Harvard theologian Harvey Cox will be celebrating his seventy-eighth birthday. Since I’m pressing right behind him, this seemed like a good time to express my gratitude for many kindnesses of his so many years ago—for so many stimulating conversations and . . . . Continue Reading »

Married Women and the New York Times

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As a general rule, the New York Times tries so hard to discredit Jewish and Christian morality that it is foolish to trust any of its articles purporting to describe Census Bureau statistics, especially when the latter involve marriage and family. It is best to treat analyses appearing in the Times . . . . Continue Reading »

Novak: The Church in Poland

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As an American, far away, with a deep love for Poland, my deepest sorrow is felt for all the citizens of Poland, for the Polish church, and even for the now-resigned archbishop and his family.There were so many heroic acts by so many people in Poland and its neighboring countries during the Soviet . . . . Continue Reading »

Novak: In Praise of Jeane Kirkpatrick

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Aristotle wrote that the criterion of good moral action is not a principle or a law so much as "the man of practical wisdom"¯that is, the person in your environment who habitually makes the wisest and bravest decisions of anyone else you know. Aristotle mentions, in his context, . . . . Continue Reading »

Running Into a Wall

From the October 2006 Print Edition

The Faiths of the Founding Fathers by David L. Holmes. Oxford University Press, 240 pages, $20. American Gospel: God, the Founding Fathers, and the Making of a Nation by Jon Meacham. Random House, 416 pages, $23.95. There seems to be a real panic out there in Secular Land. Some endow the . . . . Continue Reading »

Bill Clinton and welfare reform

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The year 2006 may for most people mark the tenth anniversary of the 1996 Welfare Act, signed by Bill Clinton, after he had vetoed two previous efforts, and just before crucial midterm elections that November. Some supporters apologized for him before his Democratic critics that he was forced into . . . . Continue Reading »

W.B. Yeats: Protestant

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In my blog on Bobby Kennedy , I know I made one mistake, and at least two readers have written the editors (not me) to allege that I made another one, "a terrible error." The mistake I know I made was to give the wrong name to the great little journal of the Methodist Church, edited by . . . . Continue Reading »