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Mystic ­Alcohology

From the January 2023 Print Edition

Distilled is part of a cottage industry in the publishing sphere that looks at the world through, well, beer goggles. Tom Standage’s 2006 A History of the World in Six ­Glassescorrelates the invention of beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea, and cola with key moments in the history of . . . . Continue Reading »

The Erotic Theology of Mad Men

From Web Exclusives

July is the month when fans of the award-winning series Mad Men, which follows the lives of 1960s Madison Avenue executives, eagerly await a new serving of high drama and retro-chic fashion. But since the fifth season has been postponed to next year, Maddicts will have to content themselves with revisiting already-released episodes. One of these, the episode “Maidenform” from season two, is especially worth a second look, for it is a curious window into the truth of Catholic teaching on human sexuality… . Continue Reading »

Tobacco and the Soul

From the April 1997 Print Edition

The current brouhaha over smoking has made everyone painfully aware of tobacco’s effects on the body, but it has also obscured a more profound reason for smoking’s popularity: its relation to the soul. As the heyday of smoking passes into the ashheap of history, it is meet that we reflect on . . . . Continue Reading »