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Popes on Economics

From Web Exclusives

There exists a great deal of confusion regarding the popes’ social encyclicals. The problem is threefold: they span over one hundred years in changing political and social milieus; the language that is used is inconsistent; and, finally, there are competing tensions contained in the documents. This book navigates the reader through the confusion… . Continue Reading »

The Drama of the Christian Funeral

From Web Exclusives

At a funeral today, one is more likely to hear mourners and preachers alike uttering clichés such as “Dad is with us in spirit,” or “She will live forever in our memories,” than intoning the De Profundis or Dies Irae. Occasionally, these platitudes are given added emphasis with theatrical flourishes like releasing doves to symbolize the freeing of a soul from its bodily container … Continue Reading »

Samuel Adams: Brewing the Revolution

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Most Americans today know the name Samuel Adams as a popular brand of beer. But according to Ira Stoll, former managing editor of the lamentably defunct New York Sun, Adams the statesman, writer, and political philosopher (and yes, one-time brewer) should be remembered instead for his vital role in . . . . Continue Reading »