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Little Testament

From the November 2011 Print Edition

Sure as that first command which strung the light like thread onto a loom to stitch the finished tapestry of sight, he flips a switch and instantly the room reweaves its intricacies of warp and weft: chair canted against the wall, nightstand strewn with coins and papers, shawl draping one lamp . . . . Continue Reading »


From the June/July 2010 Print Edition

Carel Fabritius. 1654, oil on panel, 35.2 cm. x 22.8 cm. The bird is fiction though the paint is real” the paint, that is, of the original. This one’s a copy pasted in a frame. Each hour the gold light on his wall’s the same. He hangs between the cupboard and the fridge where, day . . . . Continue Reading »

Birch Trees in Sunlight

From the April 2010 Print Edition

Though the clear morning stood composed”cloud, dew, and leaf, the whole shimmering wood” now it all seems past belief. We know what happened. How a man came with his camera to take these stills of bough and branch. The old chimera of harder days had gone underground. But what brought . . . . Continue Reading »