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Managed by Care

From the April 2001 Print Edition

The year was 1962. My sister was eagerly preparing for the brave new world of junior high. To ready herself for this great event, she began to buy Teen magazine. Since I read whatever was lying around, I picked it up and, at the age of ten, discovered the world of managed care. No one told us how . . . . Continue Reading »

Dying Like a Dog

From the April 1995 Print Edition

Hunger and thirst, starvation and dehydration—ugly words to most of us, bringing images of tormenting weakness, agonizing muscle spasms, the ultimate cannibalism as the body devours itself to stay alive. But not everyone views such words with disgust. Last May, St. Louis University, a private . . . . Continue Reading »

Wishing People Dead

From the November 1993 Print Edition

Christine Busalacchi, a Missouri woman suffering from serious brain damage, died on the 8th of March, 1993. The cause of death was starvation. Her case was not a nationally famous one, but it does serve to raise certain disturbing questions—questions that must confront the families of anyone . . . . Continue Reading »