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The High Holidays and Reason’s Limits

From Web Exclusives

I do not know how common it is for an individual, who has failed to view a single football game from September until January, to suddenly sit in rapt attention while watching the Super Bowl. And for that same person to sit through the pre-game shenanigans and post-game interviews, and, during the game itself, to stand up and cheer at all the right moments… . Continue Reading »

How Jewish Professionals Read the Talmud

From Web Exclusives

The Talmud begins appropriately enough with a question: “From what time do we say the [prayer] shema?” The answer: “From the time the priests enter to eat the terumah,” or offering. Okay … but when do the priests eat the terumah? That depends on whom you ask. Rabbi Eliezer says one thing, the wise men another. Rabban Gamliel holds a different opinion, too… . Continue Reading »