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Pope Francis on the Priesthood

From Web Exclusives

As Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Pope Francis spoke frequently of the missionary character of the Church”mission, that is, not as a particular work of a certain group of people within the Church, but as the very nature of the Church as the presence of Christ in the world… . Continue Reading »

What are Children For?

From the January 2013 Print Edition

Friedrich Engels was a prophet of marriage in the modern age. Monogamous marriage, he declared in The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State, published in 1884, is “unnatural,” setting the practical against the genuinely emotional, reducing persons to commodities, and undermining . . . . Continue Reading »

Review of What is Truth?

From the May 2010 Print Edition

What is Truth? From the Academy to the Vatican by John M. Rist Cambridge University Press, 376 pages, $34.99 John Rist, known for his scholarly work on Augustine and Aristotle, brings his considerable intellectual skills to bear on a remarkable thesis: Catholicism, and nothing else, can offer a . . . . Continue Reading »